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Knowledge and qualifications 
Evidence-based practice Valuing people Workforce planning Human Resources Management Systems (HRIS) Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Training and Development skills Decision-making skills  Good communicator Cooperative Team player Multi-tasker Shows empathy
2+ years of administration role;CIPD LEVEL 5 Certificate;Experience in workforce planning  
Skills and Competencies  
Leadership skillsExcellent communication and negotiation skillsEthical PracticeKnowledge of diversity and inclusionTime management  Solving problemsThe ability to consult with colleagues and junior employees.  


School/ Directorate/ DepartmentDepartment
Job Title:Criteria Does not mention criteria at allMention criteria but no evidence/ example Mention criteria with weak evidence/ example Mention criteria with very good example / Strong evidence  
Job Reference no.:
Shortlisting Panel Member
APPLICANT NAME PERSON SPECIFICATION CRITERIAOmar HassanJohn StonesDavid BeckhamMercy WilliamsStacy Dash
Knowledge and Qualifications     
Evidence-based practise33312
CIPD Level 533033
Workforce planning  33333
2+ years of administration role00033
Work experience in the similar role33033
Skills and Competencies     
Excellent communication33333
Leadership skills32033
Ethical Practice13023
Time management33333

Interview Questions and Notes

Interviewer: I would first wish to thank you for attending the interview. Briefly tell me about yourself.

Interviewee: I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on difficulties and constantly set personal goals to ensure I have something to strive toward. I enjoy making new people and learning about their jobs and way of life. Bonding with new people has never been a challenge because I make them feel comfortable around me. From my point of view, this skill is vital and is especially fundamental when onboarding new employees. New hire turnover statistics dropped from 88% to 65% at my previous job position.

Interviewer: What are your top strengths and weaknesses in managing people?

I put prioritise and advocate for employee needs before anything else. I also believe in open and honest communication where everyone has the right to be heard and express their feelings. I also believe embrace equality. Additionally, I support employees to achieve their full potential through mentoring and coaching. While I believe in everyone taking responsibility for their action, I am very conscious of my propensity to criticise or correct employees from minority communities. Although this impacts the chances of team success, I try to use my expertise by sending corrections to the employees during general meetings. 

Interviewer: How would you lead a team while at the same time coordinating your schedule?

Interview: I am an organised person who takes pride in crossing things off the list. I categorise my tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and annual arrangements before deciding how to do them. I also advocate for my employees to do the same and emphasise this by meeting with my employees at least once a week to discuss upcoming events and tasks.

Interviewer: How do you keep up to date with people’s professional trends?

Interviewee: I am a member of numerous human resource professional associations. I also listen to THE HR podcasts. I also pursue development and keep up to date with HR trends by enrolling to free professional development classes. For instance, I have a certificate in modern conflict resolution from Harvard Business School.

Interviewer: What qualifies you as the best candidate for the post of people assistant?

Interviewee: The insight I gained about your organisation was fascinating, and more than willing to work for your company if accorded a chance. Helping employees achieve their best is what I am passionate about; being a people professional enables me to achieve this. I am more willing to help your employees achieve their full potential and translate that into increased productivity. I helped my previous company increase their sales and lower its turnover from 88% to 78%. I am certain that I can do the same in your organisation if accorded a chance.

Interviewer: What aspirations do you have for this position?

Interviewee: I look forward to using my knowledge and skills to bolster employee performance and solve organisation issues facing the HR department. While I am aware that cannot be achieved without challenges; I am eager to discover solutions and build a strong team.

Interview notes

The interviewee has strong managerial capabilities. His precise examples demonstrate his excellent leadership skills. He is skilled at working with people and adopting evidence-based solutions. The candidate also exhibits high ethical standards as well as intensive knowledge of diversity and inclusion. The candidate is also a good communicator and listener; the organisation will definitely gain a lot from her extensive knowledge and skills.

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