AC 1.3 Different recruitment methods and when it is appropriate to use them.

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There exist numerous types of recruitment methods that different organisations can utilise to attract the most suitable candidates. It is essential to understand that not every job has similar requirements. Due to that, employers must adopt different hiring tactics that match their environment as well as appeal to the candidates they are searching for ( 2020). The recruitment process can be categorised as either external or internal. External recruitment entails going outside the organisation to attract individuals you have never met. On the other hand, internal recruitment entails filling vacancies within a particular organisation from the existing workforce. The first recruitment methods are internal and external advertisements.

 Internal advertisement is vital when employers want to fill vacant positions quickly and cheaply as well as train new talents within the organisation. On the other hand, external recruitment is vital while attracting individuals with essential skill sets that are not found within the organisation ( 2022b). Another critical recruitment method is the use of agencies. This method can be vital for organisations that require faster hiring and highly skilled candidates. Another critical recruitment method is electronic recruitment. Also known as online recruitment, the method utilises web-based technology for the various processes of attracting, recruiting, and potential onboarding candidates. The method is critical for organisations that want to save time, shorten the hiring process, and consider the broad scope of candidates (HR-ON 2019).

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AC 1.3 Different recruitment methods and when it is appropriate to use them.

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