AC 2.1 Different selection methods and when to use them

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Employee selection can be defined as the process of acquiring and assessing information from job applicants in order to make a decision on selecting who to hire ( 2019). Crucial employee selection methods include;

Screening applications: According to (2021), screening applications is a multi-step approach used to find the most suitable candidates for specific job positions. The process entails screening the right candidates from the large talent pool. During this process, employers determine whether it is appropriate to orchestrate an official interview to learn more about a given candidate.

Developing shortlists: Shortlisting occurs after screening and can be defined as the process of identifying the right candidates from a particular applicant pool. During the process, applicants who meet the job position requirement are recommended to further assessments such as interviews.

Candidate pre-employment testing: Candidate pre-employment testing entails assessing whether a particular candidate can complete specific required tasks as well as gauging candidates’ reactions to more diverse situations. This facilitates a standardised method for evaluating and scoring a particular candidate’s skills against quantified results so as to compare with other applicants. Key pre-employment tests include knowledge, skills, and personality tests ( 2015).

Employee interviews: An interview allows the selection panel to assess candidates’ strengths, skills attitudes, among many other aspects that are critical for a particular job position. There are many forms of interviews, such as face-to-face interviews, board interviews, and non-directive interviews, web-conferencing, among many others (Chand 2012).

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AC 2.1 Different selection methods and when to use them

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