AC 2.4 The selection records that need to be retained

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According to (2019), one way of improving the human resource department is by embracing record keeping. The article adds that good record keeping can facilitate employee adjustments resulting in greater employee satisfaction and improved productivity. For instance, HR managers should store essential selection records such as interview notes and assessment scores. These records can be instrumental in making vital HR decisions, such as drafting learning and development policies. The records can also be vital for internal hiring as well as identifying employees’ skill gaps. Additionally, keeping section records can effectively monitor performance and productivity levels. This can be instrumental where HR managers are assessing steps for improving their organisation’s productivity. However, HR managers need to ensure that employees’ records are stored in a secure location and kept strictly confidential. Access to such records should only be limited to those with a legitimate need as dictated by law ( 2021c).

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AC 2.4 The selection records that need to be retained

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