AC 6.5 Discuss at least two methods of evaluating learning and development and its impact.

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For a long time, learning and development evaluation has been a vital tool between organisational managers and their employees. Learning and development evaluation covers how it is transferred, engagement of employees taking it, and engagement of wider stakeholders such as line managers and customers (Hayden 2021). Learning and development evaluations are vital checkpoints that ensure that training offered is able to fill the competency gap in a given organisation. Another benefit of learning and development evaluation is that it improves accountability by ensuring training programmes comply with desired deliverables. Additionally, learning and development evaluation ensures training programs bolster cost-efficiency systems that, in turn, improve work quality. Now shifting our attention to evaluation data collection methods, there are numerous ways that researchers can use to collect learning and development data necessary for evaluation.

 The first and one of the most effective data collection methods used is “survey”. Specifically, surveys are physical and digital questionnaires that collect qualitative and quantitative data from different sources, such as customers and line managers. Another effective data collection strategy regarding learning and training evaluation is “interviewing learners.” Through interviews, managers can gather vital employee feedback about their new learning and development initiatives. By the same token, managers can interview line managers in relation to employee learning and development (Cote 2021). Furthermore, online tracking has also emerged as one of the most critical strategies to collect learning and development success. For instance, managers can track customers’ behaviours and comments to learn about the effectiveness of particular learning and development initiatives.

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AC 6.5 Discuss at least two methods of evaluating learning and development and its impact.

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