AC 3.4 An explanation of what diversity and inclusion mean and why they are important

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CIPD Professional Map (2022) argues that it is important for all people professionals to understand inclusion and diversity and their critical benefits to the organisation and the employees. Velazquez (2022) defines diversity as employing a diverse team that is reflective of the society in which the organisation exists and operates. However, identifying what makes a particular team diverse is complex; thus, professionals need to possess such skills. Velazquez (2022) adds that diversity incorporates many other factors that make individuals different from one another. Although humans have infinite differences, many people recognise diversity by a few factors such as gender, race and age. Now shifting our attention to inclusion, Velazquez (2022) defines inclusion as a workplace achievement in which all employees are treated equally, have an equal chance to excel, and are treated with the utmost respect.

 In the last few years, business leaders across the globe have prioritised diversity and inclusion owing to their immense benefits. One of the key benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion is that diversity sparks innovation. One of the best ways to think outside the box is by embracing revolutionary new strategies and techniques. Moreover, hiring a diverse workforce avail multiple talents, which can aid organisations in driving their forward thinking. Additionally, diverse leadership is also a strategic way to expand a particular organisation’s customer base. As highlighted earlier, a diverse workforce bolsters fresh thinking and new strategies—these help in attracting new customers and helping the organisation grow. Moreover, a diverse workforce boosts team performance. A study conducted by Deloitte noted that inclusive leadership boosted team output by 17% (Bourke 2018).

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AC 3.4 An explanation of what diversity and inclusion mean and why they are important

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