Activity 3 – Reflective Practice

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Taking Responsibility

In my early years as a professional, I once observed a member of my team engaging in conduct that violated the company’s regulations. However, I was new to the team and had no idea how to handle the matter, I remained silent.  After some time passed, it became apparent that the firm had sustained significant losses due to the incident, and that occurred only after some time elapsed that I understood how lightly I had treated the issue. I realized that regardless of the outcome, I will always pick the course of action that is in my best interest and report occurrences of this sort as soon as I encounter them.

When it came time for me to bear responsibility for my actions, I was instructed to spotlight a team member in relation to the executive meeting incident. Now was the time for me to accept accountability for my conduct. Assuming responsibility becomes necessary at this juncture. I was in such a rush the first time I saw him that I neglected to tell him about the event we had planned to go together. So that he wouldn’t have to deal with the major outcomes alone, I made sure to let the chiefs know about the situation and that no one was at fault. Since that day, I have made it a priority to have a written record at my desk of all I need to get done in a given day, just in case something similar to what happened before happens again.

Working Inclusively

I have always been a considerate person who is thoughtful when it comes to a variety of delicate matters. I made it a priority to establish solid working connections with my co-workers and to stay out of any political intrigue that might arise from my position as an employer. One of my co-workers approached seeking my support. She was faced with an ethical dilemma that forced her to disclose what a colleague, and her friend. In addition, I aided her in carrying out the appropriate steps, which led to improved outcomes. At another time, I was a witness when an employee made statements that were racially insensitive toward some of the staff members based on the ethnicities of those staff members. I decided to address the issue head-on and share my concerns with HR aiming of putting an end to behaviour of a similar nature in the future. As a direct consequence of this, I am provided with the chance to keep positive relationships in the location where I am employed.

 Assessing the Impact of Your Learning and CPD.

The lessons I’ve learned in the corporate world have been invaluable in pointing me in the right path for my own development. Since I am skilled at finding solutions to problems, I was able to arbitrate and resolve several conflicts that arose within the company where I previously worked. Each person had their own tale, and I listened patiently while offering advice on how they may proceed. However, the company might suffers in terms of its image and reputation since I am sluggish to make judgements. My lack of organizing skills is something I am well aware of and am constantly working on it.

Key datesWhat did you do?Why?What did you learn from this?How have/will you use this?
Jan 2022- June 2022I was only starting to learn the ropes of working remotely.After the global spread of Covid-19, it was mandated that businesses adopt new strategies for dealing with the health mandates such as social distancing. The lack of or minimal supervision in my new workplace helped me become more adaptable to the change.To guarantee that discipline is upheld even when my supervisor is not around, I will follow the ideas I have learned.
Jan 2022- July 2022A course in effective communicationIn order to effectively communicate with my co-workers, I sought knowledge on how to do so tactfully and not come across as overly critical.Improved my communication skills whilst keeping an ethical mind-set towards my work.I hope to contribute this skill to the firm’s future problem-solving initiative

My expertise has enabled me to appreciate the nature of my difficulties. When juggling multiple active projects, I now know how to set priorities effectively. When planning out my day, I always make sure to account for the time I have available. This would help me become more organized and efficient, which in turn would help me finish my tasks on time. Applying everything I’ve learned from CPD, I know I can only improve.


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Activity 3 – Reflective Practice

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