Activity 1: The Context of Professional Development

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How the role of a people professional is changing?

Over time, the primary focus of people practices has shifted from labour resource management to the people needs maagement. The strategy has developed to become transactional, and most companies now place greater value on their contributions to HR  (CIPD, 2022). The trade-off, however, is worth it because the end result is outstanding. The health and safety of employees is a top priority, and the workspace is a positive environment in which to work. Human resources roles have been restructured becoming more strategic and in line with the company’s aims (Roth, 2018). As a result of its development, the role now encompasses both the implementation of talent strategy and the promotion of organizational objectives (CIPD, 2022).

What impact are these changes having on our CPD?

Professionals can build and improve their presentation skills by participating in continuous professional development (CPD), which also aids in the reduction of knowledge gaps and provides a competitive advantage in circumstances where one is required. Given the overall changes in the nature of the employment relationship, the strategies for professional learning and development will require a modification in order to continue accommodating career models. Managers must be self-assured and competent in order to conduct constructive conversations with individuals in a variety of professional arrangements (CIPD, 2022).

What are the key characteristics of a good-practice CPD?

Continuing professional development (CPD) assesses if an individual’s skills are in line with those of their peers in the same field. (Berti et al., 2021). In addition, (CPD) safeguards and improves the information and skills that professionals are required to provide to their clientele, consumers, and the community at large. This ensures that one is always current with some of the most recent trends in their area of expertise. This not only enhances the quality of life, but also keeps workers motivated to produce quality outcomes.

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Activity 1: The Context of Professional Development

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