Activity 2 – Self Assessment

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2.1 Self-Assessment using Professional Map Standard

Profession Map StandardPerform well Score 30Perform satisfactorily Score 20Requires further development Score 10Reason for judgement
Make responsible choices about your work, applying professional principles and values 20 My work performance has been exceptional. I’ve encountered numerous circumstances where an individual would be tempted to abandon their work ethics. I did, however, reassure myself of the ethical commitment I made when I joined the team. Respect is always valued by individuals from all walks of life. Work may present me with a small problem-solving challenge with ethical considerations.
Consider the purpose and implications of actions, decisions and people practices for all stakeholders 20 In both non-profit and for-profit organisations, every choice has consequences. Long-term gains and losses are possible outcomes of corporate decisions. All decisions affecting my coworkers will have an immediate effect on me. To achieve success, I must get a deeper understanding of how to include other staff members in my decision-making strategy.
Raise concerns about people practices and policies which are not consistent with values or legislation 20 After spending quality time in the HR department, I’ve developed a number of concerns about the fact that I’ve been here for a while now. Using one’s employer’s property for personal gain is a common occurrence. My managers used to give me orders, but more recently, I’ve been compelled to express my concerns about various workplace difficulties.
Provide explanations and reasons for the choices you make and the advice you provide 20 My one and only objective is to strengthen our position for the truth and our capacity to fight for what is right, even if this does not have a positive impact on the people or the organization. I will make it a priority to put into practice the many diverse hypotheses that do research on the factors that I find compelling.
Demonstrate professionalism and consistency in what you say and do in order to build trust   Since day one, I’ve made it a priority to care deeply about my colleagues and the other employees within the company. Compassion, trustworthiness, and respect are three fundamental characteristics that have been the driving forces behind my success in life. To succeed professionally, It is essential that my deeds and my words be in agreement with one another at all times. Your confidence in me will help me do a better job in the long run.

The self-analysis was done with reference to the Core behaviour, that is, moral conduct. At work, I always make judgments based on my professional ideas and principles, and I never hesitate to voice my concerns about procedures or practices that I believe run counter to the law or values. In addition, I build a culture of trust among my co-workers by demonstrating consistency and competence in my beliefs. In addition, I completed the official assessment, which enabled me to view my progress through the eyes of my superiors. According to formal assessment, professionalism is my greatest strength, whereas interpersonal communication skills are the areas I need to improve on. In addition, I understood that I lacked ethically sound decision-making abilities. In order to develop great working ties, I must also possess a pleasant manner. As a result, I developed a personal development plan to assess my current abilities and determine how I might improve and expand them. Several learning opportunities exist within the company for me to solve the highlighted concerns. Throughout the entire process, though, my management and co-workers were incredibly supportive of my learning experience.

What do I want/need to learn?What will I do to achieve this?What resources or support will I need?What will my success criteria be?Target dates for review and completion
Decision-making skillsParticipating in meetings while being supervised by more experienced members of the team.Reports and suggestions from colleaguesTo execute successful business plans and undertake required measures3 months
Interpersonal skillsAttending seminars and taking part in group activitiesSupport from co-workers and feedback from customersEstablishing productive associations2.5 months
Communication SkillsImproving one’s ability to interact with other individualsOnline seminars, support from peers, and trainingProviding employees with ethical values in an effective way2 months

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Activity 2 – Self Assessment

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