Define the term professional and explain what it means to be a ‘people practice professional’. (1.1)

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The oxford dictionary defines a professional as “a person engaged or qualified in a profession.” To most people, “professionalism” is carrying oneself in a manner that promotes confidence in one’s abilities, dependability, and respect among one’s peers. Therefore, a professional is an individual who consistently performs at a high degree of proficiency and productivity. The greatest strength of every company is its employees, hence the need for people practise professionals. These experts understand the significance of employees in achieving organizational objectives (CIPD, 2022). Their main concern is the people practices that have an effect on the growth and administration of their personnel as a whole. They focus on the specifics of each worker to guarantee a satisfying work experience.

Knowledge, values and behaviours of people professionals.

Core Knowledge for People Professionals

When it comes to leading change, building value, and making a difference in the workplace, the CIPD Professional Map outlines six essential areas of knowledge including; business acumen, evidence-based practice, technology and people, people practice, change and Culture and behaviours (CIPD, 2022). These core knowledge areas were established through scholarly research and feedback across the people practise profession, and are based on the most up-to-date research and findings in the field of human resources (CIPD, 2022). These principles help people professionals across various industries, or areas of expertise, to increase their job performance and serve their clients better

Value of People Professionals

The core value of the people practise professionals is to advocate for enhanced working conditions as well as conditions outside of work, creating a fair, inclusive and good work environment through the design of roles, opportunities, organizations, and work conditions that inspire the best in people, leading to successful business outcomes and in consequentially, boosting economies.

Core behaviours

Scholarly research and practitioner feedback have uncovered certain thinking patterns and behaviour as essential for success in the field of human resources (CIPD, 2022). To help people professionals make a positive impact on individuals, businesses, and society at large, the CIPD Professional Map outlines eight essential actions a people professional may take (CIPD, 2022). Professional courage and influence, Valuing people, ethical practice, insights focused, situational decision-making, passion for learning, commercial drive and working inclusively (CIPD, 2022). Despite the novelty and difficulty of every given scenario, there are some perspective and behaviour that should always be adhered to. The fundamental behaviours serve this purpose by identifying the characteristics of a successful people professional in the face of a volatile and ever-changing work environment (CIPD, 2022). These practices, which were supported by academic and expert evidence represent a radical transformation for people professionals by placing a higher emphasis making decisions based on ethics and evidence

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Define the term professional and explain what it means to be a ‘people practice professional’. (1.1)

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