AC 3.2 Connection of People Practice and With Other Areas of an Organisation

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The human resource framework carries immense potential of influencing how people practice can interact with other areas of an organisation. Clear communication of shared values and overall goals aligns everyone into a singular direction. Every employee works carrying the knowledge that they are supporting a larger objective and a bigger strategy. Focused employees amplify productivity and positively contribute towards the realization of an identified common agenda. The interaction of employees with one another at the workplace heavily determines the people approach. If a given department has a worker engaging cordially, it is expected that the cohesive mannerisms will diffuse to other units and support workplace integration. The presence of a supportive unit convinces the creation of an organization-wide culture of support and creates strong teams across all departments. The HR office can assist managerial teams identify relevant skills for specific duties (CIPD, 2021). A quality assurance officer possessing exceptional communication skills can easily take up communication duties in a different project.

People advancing their work assignments while carrying a high sense of clarity may allow the company to decide most appropriate roles to advance them. It is possible for an organization to temporarily fill a vacant position with an inhouse employees as the company reorganizes its conventional structure (CIPD, 2021). For example, the resignation of a senior vice president in charge of sales can facilitate the deployment of a vice president in charge of corporate communications to that slot. This framework suggests that exceptional employees always operate as assets to organizations even in the presence of varied situations. Human resources promoting the thinking of employees as assets greatly assist the organization in assessing its strength and addressing issues within the entire organisation. Guidance on performance measurement allows facilities to interpret variations in output should roles change.

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AC 3.2 Connection of People Practice and With Other Areas of an Organisation

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