AC 3.1 Links between Employee Lifecycle and Different People Practice Roles

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Various stages define an employee lifecycle and these phases determine the nature of their practice roles. In the brand attraction stage that acts as the initial phase of the process, the employee may display enthusiasm for working within a given organisational brand. The positive attraction transforms the employee into a natural brand ambassador promoting the name and image of the organisation. The recruitment stage has the employees getting exposed to new colleagues and the general working environment. At this step, the employee may be solely focused at impressing their organizations and landing career growth opportunities. This angle can promote optimal productivity at the workplace. The employee can also make strong attempts to engage with other employees while still interpreting the meaning of the role. They may also face orientation prior to taking leadership or team-based roles.  Onboarding presents the formal absorption that takes place during admission day. They may invest their time in the physical, psychological and social assessment of the new workplace with the aim of understanding their place. The development point, qualifying as the fourth stage, infers the interpretation career of development by the employees. The member of staff may take challenging roles that optimally utilize their skills and abilities. The employee may wait for the organisation offers spaces for development or they can infuse self-motivation as a system of remaining in charge of their career development journey. The employee can also offer to take leadership roles and probably agree into defined project deliverables. The retention stage awards employers a chance of determining if an employee should remain within the workplace or exit. The organisation can improve its pay package as a retention measure and have employees appreciate the facility’s role in supporting worker welfare. In the final stage of separation, an employee may elect either give their best as they leave the company or simply resign to fate and exit.

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AC 3.1 Links between Employee Lifecycle and Different People Practice Roles

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