AC 2.5 Importance of Wellbeing and Factors that Impact Wellbeing

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Wellbeing at the workplace works around assuring the good physical, psychological and social wellbeing of employees. According to a 2022 CIPD Report on wellbeing at work, wellbeing implies creating contentment at work, a factor that strongly favours both employees and employers (CIPD, 2022). Contented employees do not get distracted leading to consistent productivity. Healthy employees facilitate active engagement and remain in complete charge of their duties. In environments that prioritize wellbeing, employees develop high-level resilience that works in allowing them to address challenging duties (CIPD, 2022). The motivation amplified by good health and wellbeing creates energy and promotes a sense of alertness within workplaces. The wellbeing contributes to lower absenteeism arising from medical leaves and off-days, a result that enhances production and professional delivery in organisations. Organizations that diminish the importance of wellness at the workplace often run erratic working cycles and a distressed employee population.

Existent industrial information and scholarly literature suggests that intentional workplace behaviours can impact employee wellbeing. Awarding employees a sense of work autonomy can save workers from micro-management by their seniors. Staff working under bothersome supervisors tend to disengage from their jobs and the loss of focus can strongly dilute productivity. The promotion of an inclusionary culture creates a dependable support system that promotes close working relationships among employees. The presence of compassion in the work environment creates grateful employees who, in turn, willingly focus on delivering on organisational objectives. A physical sense of comfort and safety eliminates rise of physical challenges and erase chance of physical absence. A company can enhance this element by providing comfortable working tools such as ergonomic seating chairs and investing in a clear safety culture.

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AC 2.5 Importance of Wellbeing and Factors that Impact Wellbeing

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