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Different Ways in Which Information for Specified Roles Can be Prepared

the different stages of the employee lifecycle and the role of the people professionals in the lifecycle

Task Two – Professional Development Record

Summarise different ways a people professional would stay up-to-date with people practice and world of work issues and developments, highlighting 2 ways in particular, that you have personally found effective

Describe how a people professional would demonstrate respectful and inclusive working in relation to

Identify a piece of legislation and a Code of Practice that support ethical and professional practice, with examples of how a people professional would conform to these

Explain what is meant by ‘ethical principles’ and ‘professional values’, and how these might inform the way people approach their work

Present your findings using two different diagrammatic forms so it can be easily understood by end users and from analysis of the findings, comment on any issues that might be revealed in the data and recommend potential solutions

For department’s C and D, present each age range as a percentage of the total in each department


Summarise the ways in which you can be customer-focused, and standards-driven in your own context

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