Professional Behaviours and Valuing People 5CO03

AC 3.1 Whether a generalist or specialist, the position of a people professional is expanding in several ways, which has consequences for ongoing professional development (CPD). CPD is outlined as a collection of methods, theories, and strategies that support people

Approaches That an Organisation Can take to Build

The first approach is to create a dedicated talent pool (Lauby, 2018). This involves recruiting and developing a specific talent pool within the organisation that can be tapped into when needed. A dedicated talent pool allows an organisation to have

Explain How Line Managers Make Reward Judgements B

Organisational approaches to reward vary but tend to focus on the overall goals and objectives of the organisation, such as increasing productivity, developing employee skills and providing recognition for their hard work. Line managers must consider these objectives when making

Evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages of two T

Matrix Organisation Structure This is an organisational structure where individuals are organised around multiple dimensions, such as product, customer, or geography (Westland, 2022). This structure is designed to improve an organisation’s cross-functional teams and efficiency. It allows organisations to manage

Explain the Legislative Requirements that Impact R

The legislative requirements in the United Kingdom that impact reward practices are numerous and are centred around ensuring that employees are treated fairly and compensated reasonably for their work. These requirements help to ensure that employees are treated fairly and

Provide a Robust Argument for Ethical People Pract

Ethical people practices, which prioritise inclusiveness, fairness, and respect for all employees, are critical for the success of any organisation (Gibson, 2022). These practices are based on academic theories that emphasise creating a positive work environment where people feel valued,

Assess how People Practices Impact on Organisation

Impacts of Organisation Culture Organisational culture is shaped by the people who work within the organisation. Individuals’ practices, behaviours and beliefs can significantly impact the organisation’s culture (ICS Learn, 2021). For example, if the practices and behaviours of an organisation’s

Develop Organisational Reward Packages and Approac

A reward package may be any reimbursement or remuneration that a business gives its workers in the form of vacations, gifts, trips, or gratitude tokens. A comprehensive compensation package addresses a wide range of issues about the job (Price, 2022).

Discuss Talent Pools and their Implications for Em

Talent pools are groups of skilled professionals identified as potential hires for a particular job or position (Thakkar, 2022). Talent pools are usually established through recruitment and selection initiatives, such as job fairs, open houses, or website postings. Employers can

Recognise When and How you Would Raise Matters Whi

When faced with a situation which conflicts with ethical values or legislation, it is important to recognise when and how you should raise the matter. The first step is identifying the ethical or legal issue (Sarokin, 2020). This can be

Approaches to Succession and Contingency Planning

Succession planning identifies and develops future leaders within an organisation to ensure the smooth and effective transition of key leadership roles and responsibilities (George, 2021). Succession planning aims to prepare an organisation for the departure of key employees and to

Outline CIPD Dissertation Topics

CIPD dissertation topics can range from the impact of personnel and development on organisational performance to the influence of emerging technology on employee engagement (CIPD, n.d). They might also explore the impact of pay and rewards on employee retention or

Discuss Decision Making Processes CIPD. Give Stren

Decision-making processes play a critical role in Human Resources, and CIPD is a leading body in the profession. CIPD offers guidelines and best practices for decision-making processes, which have been developed over the years to help ensure that decisions are

Discuss various CIPD Diversity and Inclusion Quali

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) offers various qualifications in diversity and inclusion aimed at those working in human resources, learning and development and other related areas (CIPD, n.d). The CIPD Level, 5 Diploma in Diversity and Inclusion

5HR02 Talent Management and workforce planning

Introduction             This segment is a workforce planning and recruitment pack for the management, enhancing awareness about forecasting demand and supply of labour, utilising internal and external sources, promoting and demotion rates, critical incident analysis techniques among others. The pack

CIPD Qualification

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) acts as the professional body for the HR and L&D profession in the UK and worldwide. They’ve been championing better work and personal development for more than 100 years and have more

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