AC 1.1 Assesses the notion of Evidence-Based Practice.

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Evidence based practice is based on the concept that good decision making is attained through drawing on the best available evidence and critical thinking(CIPD, 2020).It entails use of verifiable basis to find solutions to dealing with people management The decisison is evaluated against available data in an organisation..Evidence based decisions tend to yield the desired outcome that impacts an organisations practise. The evidence-based approach makes use of critical thinking abilities and accessible evidence to make decisions about specific human resource concerns. According to Young (2020), sound decision-making requires critical thinking and a careful examination of the available data.

Additionally, evidence-based practice makes use of alternative decision-making models, such as the rational model. This paradigm entails the application of factual data and gradual procedures  to arrive at a decision (Uzonwanne, 2016). The summary of the rational decision-making model is shown in the diagram below.

Figure 1: Rational Decision-Making Model (, 2019)

How evidence-based approaches can be used to aid in the development of sound judgments and decision-making

Evidence-based techniques are essential for aiding sound decision making since they reduce the likelihood of making erroneous judgments. In the lack of evidence, it is reasonable to predict unreasonable and unreliable managerial judgments. Managers are prone to bias and inaccuracy when making judgments based on their prior experiences or popular management methods, and this is especially true for senior executives. As stated in an article published by the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBM), all employees at all levels of the organisation must make decisions based on the best available evidence. According to Uzonwanne (2016), making decisions on the basis of evidence is deemed morally correct.

It is possible to utilise an evidence-based approach to enhance effective decision making and judgement by raising responsibility at the organisational level and by increasing transparency. The vast majority of managerial decisions have an impact on the overall performance of the organisation, whether in a positive or negative way. Evidence that has had reliability and validity checked has a positive impact on both individuals and organisations. It is through this technique that a manager can make the best decision feasible, which can be supported by organisational data, professional expertise, or findings from scientific study.

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AC 1.1 Assesses the notion of Evidence-Based Practice.

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