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  1. Converting data into percentages
Research and designAgree or strongly agree %Neither agree nor disagree %Disagree or strongly disagree %
It’s difficult to fulfill commitments outside my work because I spend too much time on my job47.94%13.33%38.72%
The organisation provides flexi-time73.85%23.59%2.56%
I’m allowed to work from home88.97%5.12%5.89%
I’m aware that the organisation has the opportunity to job share2.31%2.05%96.41%
have scope to use my own initiative in my job role98.46%1.53%0%
I’m provided with the opportunity to develop my skills96.67%2.56%0.77%
My line manager values the work I do.77.43%10.25%12.30%
I feel secure in my job role69.23%6.67%24.10%
I’m expected to complete my work outside of my contracted hours99.48%0.25%0.25%
Absence rates in my department are low74.10%25.12%0.77%
  • Data analysis

The data provided above indicates that employees are provided with development opportunities to enhance their skills, and this has a representation of 96.67%. Employee development is essential in enhancing organisational development and improving on productivity. Employee development can be enhanced through the implementation of training and development programmes based on employees’ skills. This contributes to the development of employee morale, thus impacting positively on the organisation through increased productivity.

The data provided indicates that employees are allowed to work from home, which enhances employee flexibility. The adoption of remote working in an organisation contributes to the effective development and attainment of the organisation’s strategic goals as employees work in comfort and thus attain their targets. However, employees are expected to complete their work outside their subcontracted hours which affects employees’ morale. It is therefore essential to enhance effective allocation of tasks for employees to be able to complete within their contracted hours.

According to the data, line managers value the work done by employees and thus create a good relationship between employees and line managers. This creates an effective communication channel, and thus line managers can easily identify a challenge affecting the effective performance of duties and implement effective decisions. Additionally, employees feel secure in the work environment, which is a positive aspect of an organisation. Employee security enhances the development of employee health and well-being, thus impacting positively on organisational growth, development, and productivity.

  • Calculate how many working days are lost in a three-month period for each department based on the above figures
  • Marketing lost- 3 days in three months.
  • Administration lost – 45 working days in three months
  • Research and design lost – 45 working days in three months
  • Estimate the projected average loss of working days over a 12-month period if these rates were to continue.
  • Marketing- 1,680
  • Administration- 8,887.5
  • Research and design- 196,980
  • Total loss- 10,764.48
  • Calculate the costs of pay, assuming all absentees are contractually paid full remuneration whilst off sick during the three-month period
  • Marketing- 12,600
  • Administration- 5,625
  • Research and design- 15,750
  • Total payments-33,975


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