CIPD dissertation topics can range from the impact of personnel and development on organisational performance to the influence of emerging technology on employee engagement (CIPD, n.d). They might also explore the impact of pay and rewards on employee retention or the role of leadership in promoting a positive work culture. CIPD dissertation topics can also explore the effectiveness of policies, such as those related to diversity and inclusion, and the role of HR functions in developing a positive and innovative workplace. Other CIPD dissertation topics might include the influence of globalisation and digital transformation on the workforce or research into using data analytics to inform talent management decisions.

CIPD dissertation topics can focus on the ethical implications of personnel and development, such as ensuring fairness and justice in the workplace (CIPD, n.d). They might also consider the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on HR or the use of technology to improve recruitment and selection. CIPD dissertation topics provide an opportunity to examine the changing nature of the workplace and how personnel and development can be used to create a positive and productive environment. Through research into these topics, students can understand how personnel and development can impact an organisation’s performance and how they can be used to improve the effectiveness of their HR functions.


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