AC 2.5 Continue your journal with ongoing reflections on your performance and development. (Approximately 400 words)

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My soft skills on communication and teamwork really needed a boost especially when I became a senior HR in my organisation. It is because unlike my previous role I would be handling more project and acting as a bridge not only between management and employees but management and the consumers as well. Upon commencing with my CIPD course I became aware of how to effectively employ communication and critical thinking to a situation. This was quite useful in saving a marketing issue that occurred at the firm almost costing us out top consumer and some investors. When the situation occurred, I was quick to work with the public relations team, the marketing team and to resolve the matter and keep our customers and investors. Although the matter caused the firm some money, we saved more than what we lost and that was a win.

In my previous organisation, I was not just responsible with people practises but I was also responsible with dealing with payrolls for the organisation did not have an accounting department. Since I was fresh from college I did not have a lot of skills and competencies as I had more theoretical than practical knowledge. Hence when presented with the payroll software to handle matters sprawled out of control as I failed to make correct calculations and ended up giving some employees more and others less compensation than they deserved. This resulted in a lot of commotion after the salary was released with people complaining having salary deductions while others got raises. I was so overwhelmed and had to receive a lot of help to get the issue fixed. The matter wasted a lot of time and money too. Afterwards I decided to enrol into an accounting class so that I could better fit into my rolls in the organisation.

This reflective journal has been both enlightening and encouraging. It has acted as a reminder as to why I need to put more effort in improving my skills and knowledge to offer optimal performance at work. On the other hand it has really encouraged me reminding me how far I have come in my career journey and the mistakes I used to make and how I moved passed them. At some point I felt useless and in the wrong path but frequent reflection and planning has helped me understand that all it takes is learning for growth to occur.

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AC 2.5 Continue your journal with ongoing reflections on your performance and development. (Approximately 400 words)

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